Michél Nunes was born in George on 10 January 1963, and has been avidly creating and designing jewellery and working in the family jewellery store since he was eight years old, following in the footsteps of his grandfather and father who were master watchmakers. He loves anything electronic, from gadgets to computers and software. He is also an accomplished photographer.

On leaving school, Michél did his compulsory military training in the South African Air Force. He obtained his private pilot’s licence and enjoyed flying for many years. However in 2008 Michél retired from flying, but is still an enthusiast attending shows whenever possible, such as the Red Bull Air show in Portugal in 2008. He was also a passionate motor racing driver. Nowadays Michél attends gym and works out by doing body toning to keep in shape and fit for his busy lifestyle.

These are amazing achievements as Michél was diagnosed with bone cancer in his leg in 1989 and was described at the time as being “terminally” ill. Against all odds, Michél conquered his illness and his achievements to date are a testament to his determination to live his life to the fullest.

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